Wheels Of Light
Just for Moms
(And the Kids We Adore)


Herbal Teas

Fertility Tonic – For when you are trying to get pregnant.


Pregnancy Tonic – Essential red raspberry to tone your uterus and make contractions work optimally.  Take daily.   Nettle is a perfect iron source from food.


Breastfeeding Tonic – Herbs to relax and promote lactation.


Blood Tonic – Good to take the last month of pregnancy to safely clean your liver and reduce the risk of jaundice to the baby.


Mood Lifter – If you suffer from post-partum depression.


Herbal Fever Remedy – Safe way to expel a baby’s fever via sweating.


Tranquility Tea – Great for teething or colic.


Lung Cleansing Tea – Good for congestion and ear infections.


Feminine Balance- To get the post-nursing body back on its menstrual track without hormone mayhem.

NOTE:  I encourage you to learn herbal medicine through my E-book mentioned below.



Natural Prenatal Care & Childbirth:  An eye-opening look at prenatal care and childbirth. Learn to do what our bodies were designed to do. Treat pregnancy as a rite of passage and not an illness.  Stuff you won’t learn in the hospitals.


Natural Mom:  The ultimate guide for alternative ways of healing yourself post-pregnancy, breastfeeding issues, infant/child health, toddler hood trials and indigo/crystal children philosophies.

Herbology 101:  Learn to heal your family with herbal medicine.  By learning just a handful of herbs you can heal many body ailments.  Our bodies chemistry mimics that of herbal medicine.  Learn more by reading the article Herbal Tea Formulas.


Flower Essences

These really work.  Read the variety available online.  Not taken internally so safe for everyone.  They are the vibration of flowers which are the purest form of a plant.  We carry the Australian Bush line.  Amazing!


Abundance – Clears any financial blocks and connects you to Mother Earth and your newborn child. 


Calm & Clear – When you feel hopeless, like there is no time for yourself, try this formula to bring peace to your being.


Confidence – When you are feeling low-mothering self-esteem.  It’ll allow you to take your power back.


Creative – Helps you in connecting to your feminine creative side and promotes joy within the home.


Dynamis – Renews passion and enthusiasm for life.  Great when your energy is low.


Emergency – When you are having a panic attack, physical emergency, distress or fear.  Allows you to cope.


Meditation – Allows you that space to meditate and reflect on your journey.


Purifying – Releases emotional baggage and spring cleans.  Best to use before all other essences (2 weeks, twice a day). 


Relationship – When you feel resentful of your partner or new baby, it brings in compassion and increases the parent-child bond.


Sexuality – Helps renew your passion and playfulness.


Woman – Brings in feminine balance and helps cope with hormonal changes.




See the vast variety of crystals and gemstones now at Yogani Studios.  You can view and purchase these online as well under Crystals in the Web Store.


I recommend amethyst, rose and clear quartz crystals placed in safe places around your home.  Always cleanse your crystals upon purchase and on a regular basis.  Read the Crystal Page.

Relaxation CD’s

I highly recommend the expectant mother (and new mother) listen daily to a relaxation CD that guides you in relaxing the muscles of the body.  You’ll condition your body to relax upon first listening to the CD after some time.   Then you can use the CD during labor to relax yourself and practice Hypno-birthing.


Relaxation CD’s for kids are also available to teach them visualization and muscle relaxation.  See all CD's in the Web Store.


Reiki Energy Treatments

We are all made up of energy.  Our thoughts, emotions and past traumas get stuck in our energy field.  Don’t go into labor with unresolved issues.  Reiki is a light-touch therapy that brings your energy bodies back to their original vibration and clears out your aura.  It’s beneficial for the pregnant woman and baby to bring relaxation and optimal health during this important phase of your life.  Read the Reiki Page.  Book a Session.

Doula/Nanny Service

A doula can help you through labor and postpartum with new infant needs like breastfeeding.  I found having a doula most beneficial during labor with my first child.  Maggie Batt can assist you as a doula.  She has been teaching Natural Childbirth and Prenatal Yoga for 12 years and is also a healer via many modalities.  

Complete Care Placement Services owned by Melissa Stockman is an excellent source for Nanny and Doula Placement.  So professional and loving.  Contact her  or call (727) 277-2146.  



ADHD/ADD:  A Wholistic Approach:  Learn foods to avoid, Indigo Children Philosophies and more.


Benefits of Kundalini Yoga:  How Kundalini yoga can benefit everyone. Includes exercises.


Caring for Mother Earth:  How it is essential that we help save our planet.  Includes green house cleaning tips.


Childhood Illness: How to treat childhood illnesses and recommended home remedies.


Children's Stress Awareness Curriculum: Details on the curriculum designed for Youth Education.


Detoxify and Chelate with Zeolite:  What Zeolite is and how it works.  Helpful for children who have had immunizations.


Diet for Wellness:  Eat like our grandparents did.


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): How to relieve anxiety and stress immediately.  Great tool for young kids and adults.


Fairy Spirits:  Written for kids and childlike adults.  Learn to connect to the nature spirits.


Gemstone & Crystal Therapy:  What each stone can be used for and Crystals for Children.

Indigo & Crystal Children: Understanding our future generations.


Mothering the Children of Our Future: Characteristics of Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children.


Natural Childbirth:  Why natural childbirth is beneficial for mom and baby.


Pre-conception through Pregnancy Detox and Diet:  Learn what to take to promote fertility and optimum health for your baby-to-be.


Prenatal Yoga Basics:  Why you should do yoga while you’re pregnant. Includes exercises.


Vaccination Debate:  Know your rights and what is in those immunization shots.


Wisdom as Intuition:  Connect to your intuitive flow.