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Wheels of Light is a group of ministers who are dedicated to serving the Earth and all of her inhabitants.  Our Sessions can jump start your healing as you return to a state of wholeness.  See Reiki Frequently Asked Questions and other Articles on this website to see what we offer.

In our classes we teach you how to heal yourself and connect to your own divine essence.  By receiving the Reiki attunements your auric field is purged on body, emotional/mind, and spirit levels.  See Calendar for a listing of our workshops.

Support those who need Healing or Education and cannot afford it.  This donation will go to our church towards your advertising dollars.  Your donation will be treated as advertising spending (goodwill).  Advertising carries 100% deductibility whereas a donation will seldom be allowed 50% deductibility.  This in turn makes it tax deductible for you.

Make a Donation and receive advertising of your business in our newsletter and on our website as a Weaver of the Healing Web.

Contact Us if you have further questions on Advertising, web link trades or want to schedule a Session for someone you love. 

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