Wheels Of Light

Deceased Ancestors Connection

Item Number: 153

Description: This attunement will bring you closer to your loved ones who have passed and are watching over you. They are often our guides, and have great messages for us from the other side. They are tapped into the universal knowledge and “know” so much more than they did on this side of the veil. They feel your emotional energy greatly and come visit when you are in a strong negative state or even joyful state to witness. This energy brings on an incredible root chakra clearing, since we are deeply connected at this level to our families and all our generations. Feel their tender energy and let their messages come through. Watch for synchronicities in life and signs that may manifest as numbers, words from others, TV’s, billboards, bumper stickers, radio, etc. These signs will usually repeat until you get the message. You may also try to connect to their energy through auto-writing, card readings, clairaudience (hearing them), and clairvoyance (seeing them). At the very least you will feel them (clairsentience).

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